Free plastic recycling for schools #BeFantasticDontWastePlastic


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Over the last half term, we have been learning about the catastrophic effects of plastic waste on the environment.

After watching Theresa May’s 25 Year Plan and BBC’s Blue Planet, we were shocked to discover that millions of tonnes of plastic waste is being dumped in landfill sites and making its way into our oceans and onto our beautiful beaches,  destroying habitats and harming animals.

After investigation, we have found that as a school, we are contributing to this devastating, worldwide situation and as a result, we desperately want to change this. We are already spending a large proportion of the school’s budget on recycling paper and we simply cannot afford the additional costs of plastic recycling too.

We are all passionate about this!

Household recycling is included in their council tax, whereas school recycling is NOT included in our business rates.

We do not think this is right or fair!

We challenge the government to allow schools to support ‘The 25 Year Plan’ and provide free recycling provision.

Please sign our petition and help us make a difference. 

Thank You,

Year 6

Graham James Primary Academy, Essex