Pupil Premium information




 Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received
 Total number of pupils on roll  248
 Total number of pupils (past and present)  eligible for PPG  31
 Amount of PPG received per pupi  £1,320
 Total amount of PPG received  £40,920


 Nature of support from April 2015
We run a number of interventions for individuals and groups of pupils – these include:Gym Trail, Fine Motor Skills, Phonics/Guided reading (e.g. SALLEY), basic maths interventions, Code X reading programme, language groups (e.g. talk boost), 1:1 support for IEPs, Speech therapy programmes, OCC therapy programmes, spelling support, individual and small group daily interventions.We also have a wide menu of afterschool activities available for all age groups that are well attended. There are also clubs before school and at lunch times.  We are also investing in the Open Door counselling programme which offers a tailor made onsite school counselling service which will help support many PPG students both emotionally and academically.


 Curriculum Focus of PPG spending
Using this grant, we are able to staff the above interventions as well as supporting learning and behaviour in class on both a group and one to one basis.In addition we have also provided additional resources, including ICT and have given financial support for visits and school journeys.We have been able to fund a teacher to support the upper Key Stage 2 children and several Learning Support Assistants across all Phases to support learning and progress.

PPG Impact – 2014/2015 Academic year (KS2 results)

As a result of PPG spending in the 2015/15 academic year (and previous spending) students who were in receipt of PPG achieved the following at the end of KS2:

  • 100% of students in receipt of PPG achieved a level 4+ in Reading, Writing and Maths (above national average).
  • 100% achieved 2 levels progress in all assessment areas.
  • 100% achieved 3 levels progress in both Writing and Maths.
  • Average Point Score (APS) was above national in all areas (Reading, Writing, Engligh and Maths).

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