Staff Info and Responsibilities

Mrs P. Back (Head Teacher)

Mr R. Turner (Deputy Head)

Mrs.  J.  Akehurst (Music and Science)

Mr. C. Mead (R.E.)

Miss. A. Cape

Mrs. M. Walker (Literacy)

Mrs. J. Conroy (Literacy)

Miss.V. Skinner (Art/DT)

Mr. O. Thurbon (Maths)

Ms M Cartwright (Inclusion Manager)

Miss A Blackbourn

Miss E Knight

Miss L Pulfer (History & Geography)

Miss S Dibble

Miss E Sargeant

Miss K Roberts

Mr R Williams (P.E)

Mrs K Lane (Early Years & Nursery Manager)


Support Staff

Mrs. B. Burgess (Academy Manager)

Mrs. L. Ward (Admin Assistant)

Mrs. N Tolan-Wheeler (Admin Assistant)

Mrs J Ingram (Finance Assistant)

Mrs. J. Hall (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs. K Steel (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs L Mancktelow (Learning Support Assistant)

Miss N. Gannon (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs. J. Blackburn (Learning Support Assistant – IT)

Miss S. Glenister (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs. S. Southgate (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs. C. Andrews (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs. K. Thurbon (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs. M Smith (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs S Fairhurst (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs S Cain (Learning Support Assistant)

Miss H Birchall (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs L Bond (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs A Whiting (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs T Robinson (Learning Support Assistant)

Miss K Marchant (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs J Mead (Learning Support Assistant)

Miss S Allan (Apprentice Teacher)

Mrs S Cranfield (Nursery Key Person)

Miss C Evans (Nursery Key Person)

Miss S Cootes (Nursery Key Person)

Mrs L Flatt (Nursery Key Person)

Mrs S Bell (Nursery Key Person Apprentice)

Ms L Trew (Nursery Key Person)


Mr Adam Crane (Site Manager)

Miss Sue Glenister (Cleaner)

Mrs. Sonia Buckingham (Cleaner)

Mrs Zoe Spears (Cleaner)

Tracy Dente (Cleaner)

Chris Hunt (Cleaner)

Stacey Clarke (Cleaner)


Mrs. D. Kenyon (Mid-day Assistant)

Mrs. M. Smith (Mid-day Assistant)

Mrs S Buckingham (Mid-day Assistant)

Mrs. T. Arnett (Mid-day Assistant)

Mrs T. Rhodes (Mid-day Assistant)

Mrs H Ridgewell  (Mid-day Assistant)

Mrs Z Spears  (Mid-day Assistant)

Mrs Jo Walland  (Mid-day Assistant)

Mrs Vicki Wilson  (Mid-day Assistant)

Mrs Jo Attard (Mid-day Assistant)

Mrs Karen Porter (Mid-day Assistant)

Mrs Tracy Dente (Mid-day Assistant)

Mrs Samih Abas (Mid-day Assistant)

Mrs Suzanne Petchey (Mid-day Assistant)


Mrs Jo Mann (Head Cook)

Mrs. A. Gomez (Assistant Cook)

Ms S Steadman (Catering Assistant)

Miss Sam Bronze (Catering Assistant)


Mrs. D. Giles (School Nurse)

Crossing Patrol – TBC

TBC  –  Education Welfare Officer

Ms. N. Archer (Educational Psychologist)