Who are we?

We currently have a full Governing Body made up of staff, parents, co-opted governors (appointed by the governing body) and governors from the Umbrella Trust. From time to time there may be a vacancy for a parent or individual from the community which would be advised to parents. Nominations would be requested and in the event of more than one nomination the parents would be asked to vote. No previous experience or qualifications are required and governors give their time voluntarily, providing a commitment to helping to raise standards in our schools.

Chair of Governors

Bradley Lane (co-opted)


Harry French (co-opted)

Maggie Callaghan (co-opted)

Leslie Turner (co-opted)

Neil Humphrey (co-opted)


Petra Back  –  Head Teacher and Accounting Officer

Steven Mansfield (co-opted) – Vice Chair SEND, Chair of Finance

Jane Monaghan (co-opted) – Finance

Julie Conroy (Teacher) – Training link

Annaliese Day (Parent) – Pupil Premium, Safeguarding, Chair of Pupil & Curriculum