Remote Learning – Microsoft Teams

We will be using Microsoft Teams/365 as an addition to our Remote Learning Provision. This will work as an alternative ‘Platform’ to our website, that we currently use to upload the learning for your children. This platform will allow your child to access work set by their teacher, return work to their teacher and easily chat to their teacher to obtain help.  Look out for an email from your child’s teacher with their login details, then use this video to help you get set up. We have been experiencing a few issues with passwords if you experience this please let your class teacher know.  If you have any problems/queries please don’t hesitate to contact your class teacher via email.

Safer Internet Day – Tuesday 9th February 2021!

Dear all,

Safer Internet Day is on 9th February 2021 and will be celebrated in the UK with the theme: An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world

visit to find lots of resources to support your child build on their internet safety knowledge!


Please also visit the NSPCC webpage (link below)  that supports parents/carers with activities to complete at home with children regarding internet safety.

‘Five fun activities to do with your child this lockdown’:

If you require any further support regarding how to keep children safe at home, please do not hesitate to contact the safeguarding team at Graham James Primary Academy (01375 675889)

Children’s Mental Health Week – 1-7th February 2021

Dear all,

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week running from the 1st to the 7th February. The Thurrock School Wellbeing Service has created a PowerPoint with many resources that you can use. Please click on the link below to see what you can do at home to support children’s mental health.

Children’s Mental Health week PP 2021


If you require any support regarding your child’s mental health during this challenging and difficult time, remember, please do not hesitate to contact the safeguarding team at Graham James Primary Academy (01375 675889).


The home learning resources are now under the ‘Our Learning tab’ for your child’s class (this is where they were during the first lockdown).

  1.  Click the our learning tab on the website

  2. Then click our year groups

  3. Then click on your child’s year group

  4. Click on the Home Learning page and the resources are all there.


Here are some photos from around our school:-

Welcome to Graham James Academy Powerpoint 2020


Growth Mindset

At Graham James Primary Academy, we know that pupils who have a positive attitude towards their learning will make good progress and be successful. Consequently, instilling all our pupils with ‘growth mindsets’ has become a key priority for the school for this year (2017/18) and beyond.

We want all our pupils to relish challenge, embrace their mistakes as part of the learning process, value the importance of effort, respond carefully to feedback and take inspiration from others. This will help them to achieve, not only with us, but also as they move forward into adulthood.

The following clips explain it in more detail:

We know that in order to fulfil the potential of our pupils and encourage them to become confident and resilient learners we, as a team of school staff and parents, need to be modelling the mindset of a learner who is not afraid of making mistakes but who thrives upon them, knowing that this is all part of the learning process. The way in which we encourage children to learn and explore is vital to their success, not only at school but also at home.

At Graham James we have been learning about ‘The Power of Yet’. This philosophy encourages children to identify what they cannot do and then say ‘yet’. This shows them that, with a growth mindset, they will achieve their goal, by having a positive attitude, facing challenges, never giving up and working hard. The school is now buzzing with talk of perseverance, challenge, risk, celebrating mistakes and ‘The Power of Yet’.

Please ask your child about: ‘The Power of Yet’.

These are some of the displays around school: