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Hi Reception,

Don’t forget about our competition this week – Reading in an unusual place! Send us your pictures by tomorrow and we will pick a winner on Friday 🙂
All the Reception adults wanted to join in with the competition!! So here are our pictures. We hope you like our unusual places to read 🙂
We cannot wait to see yours!!
Miss Dibble & Miss Kiely

Dear Reception, please see below remote learning for this week. Please remember that a paper pack can be requested and you can contact your class teacher via email to support with your work or if you have any questions. Please email completed work to your teacher so we can celebrate all your wonderful work.


01.03.21- Week 8 Home Learning


VIDEO – Monday’s Story – Miss Dibble & Miss Kiely reading Aliens Love Underpants –

VIDEO – Tuesday’s Story – Miss Kiely, Mrs Whiting and Mrs French reading The Hungry Caterpillar –

VIDEO – LETTERS & SOUNDS – Tuesday – Letters and sounds ‘igh’ –

VIDEO – Wednesday’s Story – Mrs Whiting & Mrs French reading We are Going on a Bear Hunt –

VIDEO – Thursday’s Story – Mrs Farmer & Mrs Fairhurst reading Stick Man –

VIDEO – Thursday – Letters & Sounds – oo with Miss Kiely –

VIDEO – Friday’s Story – Miss Dibble & Miss Gannon reading Giraffes Can’t Dance –



Aliens Love Underpants Lined Paper


Grow a Balloon Alien Prompt Card

Grow a Balloon Alien Science Experiment

Letters & Sounds – Monday – ‘ee’ Read and write


Butterfly Life Cycle


Letters & Sounds – Tuesday – ‘igh’ read and reveal cards

Symmetrical Butterfly

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Story Map


Biscuit Recipe Sheets

Letters & Sounds – Wednesday – ‘oa’ & ‘igh’ word matching


Letters & Sounds – Thursday – wite the ‘oo’ words

Making a Magic Wand

Postcard writing


Giraffe Measuring 1

Giraffe Measuring 2

Giraffe Measuring 3

Giraffe Pencil Control

Giraffe Size ordering

Letters & Sounds – Friday – ‘oo’ & ‘ar’ words



22.02.21- Week 7 Home Learning

22.02.21- Week 7 Home Learning

VIDEO – Rainbow Fish with Miss Dibble and Miss Kiely –

VIDEO – Starry Eyed Stan with Miss Dibble and Miss Kiely –



VIDEO – Miss Dibble –



Phonics – Monday 22nd – ch Diagraph workbook





Phonics – Tuesday 23rd – phase-3-th-read-and-reveal-activity-_ver_6


Step-by-step-drawing-instruction-Under the Sea




VIDEO – Miss Kiely – Phonics –

Phonics – Wednesday 24th – ch-and-sh-Sounds-Matching-Activity-Worksheet





Maths – Thursday 25th – Numbers within 10 Exploring one more within 10

Phonics – Thursday 25th – th-and-ng-Sounds-Matching-Activity-Worksheet_ver_1



VIDEO – Miss Dibble – Phonics –

Maths – Friday 26th – Numbers within 10 Exploring one less within 10

Phonics – Friday 26th -ai-Spelling-Activity

WIll the Rainbow Fish Sparkle – The Rainbow Fish Poster

Will the Rainbow Fish Sparkle Science Experiment Prompt Card

Will the Rainbow Fish Sparkle Science Experiment









Reception Half Term Ideas

WEEKLY PLAN W/C – 8/2/2021

08.02.21- Week 6 Home Learning.


Maths – Monday 8th – Exploring and discussing time and the seasons

Story Sequencing Elmer – Monday

Elmer Listening Game

VIDEO – Elmer listening game with Miss Dibble and Miss Kiely –


Maths – Tuesday 9th – Exploring and discussing the days of the week daily events

Poster for Can you find

Instructions for Can you find ….

VIDEO – Doris the Loris Story with Miss Dibble & Miss Kiely –



Maths – Wednesday 10th – Using everyday language to talk about and sequence



I Spy and Count Jungle and Rainforest

I Spy Checklist Jungle and Rainforest

Maths – Thursday 11th – Using ordinal language when sequencing events and

Shaving Foam Rain Clouds Prompt Card

Shaving Foam Rain Clouds Science Experiment


Maths – Friday 12th – Consolidating learning

Noah’s Ark story cards

VIDEO – Noah’s Ark Story with Miss Dibble & Miss Kiely –










WEEKLY PLAN W/C – 1/2/2021

01.02.21- Week 5 Home Learning


VIDEO – Elmer story (Miss Kiely & Miss Dibble) –

VIDEO – We’re all different (Miss Kiely & Miss Dibble) –


Repeating pattern snakes

Why do why Elephants have Big Ears Science Experiment Elephant Face Cut-Outs

Why do why Elephants have Big Ears Science Experiment

Elephant Grey Playdough Recipe



Whats-behind-the-binocular Safari-animals–powerpoint

Design your own Elmer

Elmer Rainbow Jar Science Experiment

Elmer the Rainbow Elephant Song



WEEKLY PLAN W/c 25/1/2021


VIDEO – Brain Break – Tooty Ta –

VIDEO – Brain Break – Penguin –


VIDEO – Story time with Miss Kiely and Miss Dibble Wake up time on Bumble Farm –

Bumble Farm Rhyming Words

Maths (Mon 25th) – Addition and Subtraction within 10 Understanding the concept of Subtraction Worksheet

Story Sequencing for Wake-up-Time-on-Bumble-Farm



VIDEO –  Guess the animals Miss Kiely and Miss Dibble are describing –

Maths (Tue 26th) – Addition and Subtraction within 10 Understanding the concept of Subtraction Worksheet

Handwriting-Worksheets- Farm

On the Farm Animal Homes PowerPoint




Phonics Phase 2 Farm-Themed-say-it-join-it-write-it-

Maths (Wed 27th) – Addition and Subtraction within 10 using a numbertrack Worksheet


I Spy and Count to 10 Farm

I Spy and Count to 10 Farm Checklist

Mothers and Their Young Matching


Phase-2-Phonics-Phonopoly Certificate

Phase-2-Phonics-Phonopoly Challenge and Chance Cards

Phase-2-Phonics-Phonopoly Game Board

Phase-2-Phonics-Phonopoly Score Sheet

Farm Subtraction

Peppa Says Copying Game Cards

Winter Challenge Cards


Tricky Words – Phase-2-Letter-Formation-Activity

Subtraction on a numberline



Cats and Dogs Reading Mini Book

It is… Reading Mini Book

Kit and Sam Got… Reading Mini Book

Kit and Sam Reading Mini Book

Let’s Go! Reading Mini Book

Pop and Puff Reading Mini Book



WEEKLY PLAN W/C 18/01/21

18.01.21 – Week 3 Home Learning


Video – Miss Kiely & Miss Dibble reading ‘Superworm’

Video – Super Maths! with Miss Kiely & Miss Dibble

Video – Phonics – Miss Kiely & Miss Dibble –


10 EYFS Maths All about Number Ten Home Learning Challenges

5 EYFS Maths All about Number Five Home Learning Challenges

6 EYFS Maths All about Number Six Home Learning Challenges

7 EYFS Maths All about Number Seven Home Learning Challenges

8 EYFS Maths All about Number Eight Home Learning Challenges

9 EYFS Maths All about Number Nine Home Learning Challenges

Building Bricks Subtraction

Can you make ice grow experiment

Colour by number

Rescue Shapes-with-4-sides

Rescue the Circles and Triangles

Soap bubble prints experiments

Superhero Colour by Dots

Superhero Subtraction challenges

Superhero Subtraction sheet




WEEKLY PLAN W/C 11/01/21

11.01.21 – Week 2 Home Learning

1-10 Super Song


Handprint Flying Superhero Art

One Potato Two Potato Song

Problem Solving – Talking About Size

Sticky Ice Science Experiment

Superhero Addition to 10

Superhero Green Smoothie Recipe

Superhero I Spy and Count

Superhero maths challenges

Superhero Missing Number Activity

Superhero Red and Yellow Smoothie Recipe

Superhero Red, White and Blue Smoothie Recipe


Supertato Learning challenges


GJPA– Early Years

Dear Parents

As you will see there is weekly planning on our website for the Reception children, however we do not want you to stress over this as we appreciate how every family is in a different situation. The planning is there for a guide and suggestions of activities. Young children do not need to be working at a table writing or completing work sheets all day, this is not how we would normally operate in school and we know that children learn best through play and meaningful conversations. Should you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us through our direct school email.

How to help young children learn at home

You can help your child to learn through the little things you do with them, for example:

  • everyday conversations
  • make-believe play
  • games with numbers or letters
  • reading together
  • involving them in the things you are doing, such as household chores, and talking with them about it Find ideas for new things you can try at Hungry Little Minds.

You do not need to set separate time or plan complicated activities dedicated to learning. These activities can be built into everyday life and play.

You know your child best. Avoid forcing them into lengthy planned activities if they naturally respond better to a mix of shorter activities. This can stop them getting bored or frustrated and keep them active, interested and learning through things they enjoy.

Keeping a routine

Do not worry about trying to keep to the full routine that your child had in nursery or reception class. However, children will feel more comfortable with a predictable routine, so try to make sure they:

  • get up and go to bed at the same time each day
  • have regular meal times turn off any electronic devices, including the television, at least an hour before bedtime, keeping active

Young children should be active for at least 3 hours a day in total.

It’s also good to get some fresh air every day. If you do not have a garden and are taking children outside to exercise, make sure you follow the rules on social distancing.

While inside, there are plenty of things you can do to keep children active, such as:

  • playing hide-and-seek
  • seeing who can do the most star jumps
  • making an obstacle course playing music and having a dance-off

Mrs K. Lane – EYFS Lead


Government set up site for Home Learning



Early Years Resources – Free downloadable Early Years Resources

Phonics Bloom

Crickweb  (uses flash so not available for iPads)


Letters and Sounds

ICT Games

Primary Games

CBeebies Numeracy

Oxford Owl Maths